Consumers, legal entities


     Non-contractual legal entities


In the case of legal entities and all associations, organizations, etc. which are registered under a tax code, the return policy does not apply. The return option and period according to GEO 34/2014 are not valid.


Any possible return request will be sent by email to the address:, and we will analyze and inform you by email about our decision, method and costs.


     Contractual legal entities


In the case of legal entities in contractual relations with SPI, the return policy is according to the Commercial Contract concluded between the parties.


For any details or ambiguities regarding the return of products, please contact us by email or at one of the phone numbers displayed on or at the email address


To register complaints related to defective products within the warranty period, the customer will present the documents specific to the purchase (copy of purchase invoice, tax receipt, warranty certificate if applicable) and a complaint specifying the reason for returning the product.


When taking over defective products, the following will be completed:

- PS-07-F1 - Minutes of delivery-receipt of defective products under warranty [download]

- Complaint form [download]